Just came back from seeing The House on the Lake. If you dont like corny movies, dont go, but if you do..go, and enjoy. I love this kind of movies...of course, I cant see them everyday, or I would go crazy, but from time to time, I like to enjoy the never ending love fairy tale.
This day has had its ups and downs.. I didnt get the job, which makes me sad, and trully frustrated. On the other hand the scout meeting went great, that made me happy.
And then, there was the movie.
I guess we all have some kind of platonic love some time or other in our life. I wish things were more real than they are sometimes. Yesterday, a friend of mine, which I love dearly, said to me that I should find someone, that makes me happy and is able to give that which he cannot.
Then he was somewhat preocupied on my new "spiritual" search.
I guess when you love someone you cant help being preocupied from time to time. I liked that he was, though I wasnt happy about it. I guess I like to know that he loves me..in his own way. I enjoy being treated with care, and sometimes being taken care of, just not on an everyday basis.
I hate it when hes sad..but I guess we all have to be sad, sometimes.
Im sad right now... I guess Id like my shrink back, but that cannot be at the moment. I miss many things..things that I do not have and had not had ever...b ut still, Id like to try them sometime.

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prolanz dijo...

Although I have not seen any fary tales in my short life I guess that you should be the right fary tale for any amazing creature on earth .
I like your ideas . Well done and well written !!!!