star light, star bright.

so, Ive been wondering, last night was the eclipse, it was cool, as my friends came here and we talked and celebrated, and j. read me the crystal ball. Ive never done that. Interesting enough, but I didnt like it, I prefer tarot cards.
Anywho, along with other knews, he told me that someone was thinking of me. He described him, brown eyes, bushy "cejas", "sad eyes", he dreams of you, he said.
I thought of someone....who I dont know if he is. I mean..there are SO MANY lol.
Ive thought of him often enough. Though I think its better not to, I mean, what for? You are where you are supposed to be, life has taken you there, its your place now. I guess that if I think of you, its because many things were undended, because I would have liked to keep talking, like that night, in which I remembered why I have this strange passion for teaching. I actually dont know why this kind of things happen to me, I mean, ok, I knew you were with someone, but to hide the "other thing"? which is no small thing? COME ON!! WHAT THE FUCK???!!!!
You say you want to talk, of what? that you didnt tell me you had that? that I was totally dumbstruck when I found out?
And yet...
star light, star bright, make my dream come true tonight...
that all memories be removed..for i wish for something i should not have known.

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